How to get the right belt size?

Of course, your new belt has to fit. On this site we will show you how simple it is to get the rght belt size.

Very important:

We do need your waist size (TW), not the total length of your belt, because there may be differences from the manufacturers.

Get the size from your a belt you already own:

You have a belt which fits good? Fine, so let´s get the range from the inner edge of the belt buckle to the middle hole:
Getting the right belt size: Waist size = length of the belt from inner edge of the buckle to the middle hole of the belt

No fittig belt available?

Ok. So let`s get a tape messure. Use the tape measure to estimate your waist in the area of the belt loops of your pants. This measurement in centimeters is the order size for your new belt.

Any questions?

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